Start Typing

To use the tool, press the keys on your keyboard to see what's been pressed!

Reset Keyboard

Virtual keyboard is hidden on small screens. Keyboard Tester is meant to test physical keyboards. On screen keyboards cannot affect the virtual buttons on this site.

What it is

Keyboard tester is one of the simplest keyboard tester tool to use online. Simply press a key on the keyboard and watch our keyboard light up!

Key functionality includes:

  • History: To see what's been typed.
  • Dark Mode: To have it easier on the eyes.
  • Keyboard toggle: To switch between mac or windows keyboard.
  • Reset Keyboard: To test the keyboard as many times one can ever hope for.
  • Auto Keyboard: This tool will automatically detect what OS is being used when the page loads.

How to use it

Pressing down on a key will change the key in our virtual keyboard gold. Pressing up or letting go will change it to green to show it's been pressed. Even if it's green, pressing down on the key again will change it back to gold. If a key doesn't light up, something might be wrong with that key. Refer to our troubleshooting if section this is the case.

Some exceptions and notes include:

  • FN or FN Lock: The computer system grabs this input preventing the browser from knowing it's been pressed.
  • Eject (MAC): This input is not detected by the browser.
  • Print Screen (Windows): This key is only detected when the key is pressed up or let go. Pressing down won't change this key to gold.
  • Caps Lock: On MAC, caps turns and stays yellow to signify it's on. On Windows, it will turn green immediately after, like the other keys.

Confirm the key not responding

Let's confirm the key that might not be working.

  1. Identify the problematic key.
  2. Repeatedly press the key down then up and check our tool.
  3. Check the key on our tool to see it is not changing colors or is inconsistant.
  4. Refer to the toubleshoot section.


There can be many reasons as to why a key isn't working correctly or at all.
Here's a few reasons amd what to do about it:

  • Debris under the key: Debris can be many things, such as, crumbs, dust, or gunk. To remove the debris, blow on the key, use a compressed air duster, or move the keyboard up and down vertically. Removing and cleaning underneath the key itself is also an option but requires care.
  • Wired Keyboards: For wired keyboards, try unplugging and replugging the cable back in to the port or using a different port connection.
  • Wireless Keyboards: Wireless keyboards may have low battery which cause performance issues. Replace the batteries and check the key again. Wireless keyboards use a dongle or are connected through bluetooth. Try reconnecting the dongle or Re-pairing the device to the dongle again.
  • System Troubleshoot: If the system has one, use the system troubleshooter in the system settings.

Routine maintenance is heavily recommened to keep the keyboard and the keys in prestine condition.