Press the keys on your keyboard or click on the buttons to guess a letter!


Next Word



What it is

Hangman is a classic kids game. Although it's origin is rather dark, it's been turned into fun game for all to play.

Rules are:

  • The player can only guess a letter once.
  • The player will only get 6 tries.
  • After 6 tries, the game ends in a loss for the player and the word is displayed.
  • If the player finds all the correct letters, the player wins!

How to Play

Pressing down on a key will change the key in our virtual keyboard gold. Pressing up or letting go will submit the key pressed as an answer. The key is then disabled and turns green if correct or red if incorrect. If it's green then a letter from word to guess will display. If it's red then a part of the stickman will show on the gallows.

A couple features include:

  • Dark Mode: to have it easier on the eyes.
  • Next Word: to change the word to guess whenever the player desires..
  • Next Word (Space): press the space bar to load the next.